Dell R540 Servers

Shop Refurbished R540 Servers - 2U and Fully Scalable

Purchase a refurbished 2U server that can provide fully scalable options at a wholesale price. The Dell R540 server will extend the life of any networking project you have. The PowerEdge R540 is great for video streaming as well as data analytics. It's incredibly versatile! 

The PowerEdge R540 can hold up to 1TB DDR4 RAM with dual processors, though Dell recommends expanding only to 768GB for performance optimized configurations. With up to 20 cores per CPU, this rack server is a powerhouse. 

Use our custom tools to choose which server is right for you. Then, select the exact configuration you need. With our amazing price display you can see exactly how your price would differ depending on what tier you are in. By purchasing more, you're able to move up a tier and can get an R540 for an even better price!