Dell R640 Servers

The Dell R640: A Virtualization Powerhouse

Upgrade your network with a Dell PowerEdge R640, one of Dell's premier 1U servers that provides excellent scalability and performance. This expandable server is the ideal 1U server for any data center or business that requires High Performance Computing (HPC). With over 7TB of DDR4 memory available, the Dell EMC R640 server can easily handle demanding workloads.

WholesaleServers makes building out your Dell R640 easy. We offer flexibility to choose the form factor that meets your needs. Our configureable servers allow you to customize each individual component that you need.

You can easily see how the price changes and the cost of each individual component. We pride ourselves on providing an easy way for wholesale buyers to purchase servers in bulk. You will be able to see your group's price at the top of the page.